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MAAREE was founded by a sports bra tester, Mari.

Not only do we want to provide amazing sports bra solutions for the world, but to share our knowledge.

From free eBooks, to upcoming and helpful explanations. Titbits is your one-stop-shop for everything sports bra related.



Download your easy guide to figuring out your perfect bra size on the go. Simple bra fitting in the palm of your hands, for you to keep, forever!

MAAREE Overband


MAAREE Sports Bras all have Overband® Technology incorporated. But want to know exactly what it is and how it's designed to provide you superior support?

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free online Fittings

Sports bra fittings can be tricky, so we now host 15-minute Zoom fittings every week to help you be extra sure about your size. Book an appointment now.

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SIster sizing

sister sizing

Do you know your sister size? Did you know a D cup on a size 32 is a different size on a 34? Read on, and become a pro at getting your ideal size, anywhere.

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Ill Fitting Bra

 signs of an Ill fitting bra

Know that your bra doesn't quite fit, but don't quite know how? Or even how to correct it? This 9 step guide, with images, will clear things up for you.

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Best in Test MAAREE

BEST IN TEST, Four times!

Our sports bras have been independently tested by Women's Running Mag. Not only did they like them, but we've won 'Best in Test' four times! Also once more by Women's Health.

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MAAREE solidarity bra

solidarity bra features

So much thought has gone into the design our first collection. But here are the 8 most important Features our Solidarity High-Impact Sports Bra which make it great.

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How Covid has affected US

Mari has written an honest letter about how Covid-19 has affected our business at the worst time, delaying the re-stocking. But we're determined to bounce back!

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Sports Bras MAAREE

podcast episodeS

I've been so luck to be invited on a number of inspirational podcasts this past year. We've discussed starting up a business, to comparing London Marathon experiences, to finding you perfect bra.

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MAAREE pop up shop

pop-up shops

We know that online bra shopping can be tricky. Whenever we get the opportunity, we like to hold pop-up shops all over the country to help you out in person.

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Booby Blog

From sports bra tips to interviews with fellow #FemaleFounders. To explore more topics and guides we release on a regular basis, please visit our blog.

Sports Bras MAAREE

sports bras explained

Can't identify between the compression bras and the encapsulation bras in your wardrobe? If you struggle to find your ideal bra, this guide might be your saviour.

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