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what's underneath matters

This season, MAAREE has been supporting the Severn Stars super league netball team, providing sports bras for training and matchday.

Providing the girls with a comfortable, supportive solution means they can focus on their performance.

However, it's not just the team were influencing. Thousands of young girls (and their mums) are following the team and seeing their success. We're talking a lot more about sports bras and breast health, and how this should be taken seriously throughout a girls developmental years and beyond.

Together we are spreading the message that what's underneath matters.


"MAAREE is definitely the best on the market that I have tried. Incredibly smart design, with beautiful colours and comfortable material.

Wearing this bra now shows me that I have had too many years of not having my boobs supported by a decent sports bra. 

I had settled for "branded bras" that in no way match the quality and support from a MAAREE bra.

Blessed to be supported by the best in the business"


The gender pay gap is the difference between the average pay of men and women within a particular group or population. Fawcett uses the mean, full-time, hourly gender pay gap for the UK to calculate the gender pay gap for Equal Pay Day. 


Want to give as a gift for Christmas? No problem!

We will take care of that for you with our Battle Bra Christmas Gift Box, which we will start shipping to you from November 30th. Just add this gift box onto your Battle Bra purchase before checkout and we'll take care of the rest. No need to worry about getting the right size or how to wrap it.

Included is a pair of MAAREE socks, a tape measure, information about the Battle Bra, a gift voucher and invitation for a free online fitting with a member of our team to discover their ideal size. What more could you want?


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supported by maaree

Supported by MAAREE is our way to extend a supporting arm to our community with the aim of introducing more women to a greater level of support, and in turn a great level of enjoyment when active.

Our founder Mari sums it up nicely "I was a very sporty child, which carried on into my teenage years as my body began to develop. I saw so many of my friends drop out of sport due to inadequate support from their clothing."

"Since starting MAAREE, I have seen the lack of education and understanding around support continue into adult years. Supported by MAAREE is a way of providing a wave of education, resources and influence over a wider audience. We support you, and in turn, the message around support is spread far and wide."

By joining 'Supported by MAAREE' you could be extended opportunities such as product or order discounts, sports bra fittings, education and resources around sports bra fitting, including access to events and workshops.


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