What sports bra do I need? Here are 3 key things you need to know!

Let's face it. The market has become inundated with sports bras since the athleisure boom from a few years back. Yet, they are all so different in design. It can be difficult to know which ones to try and which to avoid. Let us help!

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How to begin your sports bra search

We've made a note of the three most important questions to ask yourself when sports bra shopping. Having an idea of what to look for before you start your search can help to narrow down the selection.

1. What sports do I need it my bra for?

Sports bras are like shoes. They aren't designed for the same purpose or sport. You wouldn't wear your tennis shoes to go for a 10k run in, for example.

Knowing what sports you intend to wear your sports bra for is a big help! It will help you to know if you need a high-impact bra, or a medium-impact one. Having adjustable straps or a racerback may be non-negotiable for you.

Create your list and take it with you on your trip to be the ultimate savvy shopper.

2. Are there sports bra features I cannot live without?

You might know exactly what doesn't work for you from your previous experiences. You might already know that you want a wide underband to avoid chaffing. You may be craving a clasped sports bra to make getting in-and-out of it much easier.

Make a little wish list of elements you'd like to have in your ideal sports bra. Some might be more important than other, and that's okay. It'll make you much more aware of what to keep an eye out for when you're browsing.

If the information isn't obvious from the description or swing tag, ask the retailer. They'll be able to give you all the information you need. (Or if that can't, you know you can avoid them.)

3. Does the sports bra have good reviews?

It can be difficult to tell if a sports bra is going to last for a long time. Or deliver on what it promises.

Most sites have product reviews these days. Take look at their rating and read through some of the reviews. These should give you a pretty indicator on how your experience should be with it. They might even shine a light on factors you may not have even thought of. (*Cough* like our free online fitting service *cough*).

You could also Google them. Read magazines, newspapers and other reputable sources. Get a well-rounded view of the product from different people.

My main rule is to avoid high-street brands. Why? Many fashion brands have sportswear collections these days. But, they are usually intended for fashion purposes. The product may look good, but it's likely not to validated and might not be able to walk-the-walk.


As I mentioned above, you should treat your sports bra like you would a pair of running shoes. You won't want to buy the cheapest. Do some research into reputable brands and who makes great ones. This way you can look after your body and yourself when exercising.

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