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Official Sports Bra Provider of the Welsh Rugby Union

Our Journey

Athlete to engineer to entrepreneur

MAAREE Founder, Mari, a lifelong sports enthusiast, transitioned from national-level competition to an engineering career. Her focus shifted to sports bra performance testing, revealing a lack of ideal support. This led her to create MAAREE, a brand embodying women supporting women, addressing the gap in sports bra solutions for empowered, active lives.

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The Boobie Blog

Group of women standing outside in just their bras.

Radiologists Rally to Abolish VAT on Bras – What You Need to Know!

Healthcare professionals have argued that VAT should be removed from the cost of bras, declaring that the tax disproportionately affects women. Here's what you need to know...

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Scottish Squash & MAAREE

MAAREE Launches Partnership with Scottish Squash

We're so thrilled to announce our latest partnership to join us on our 'Supported By MAAREE' program!

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MAAREE White Empower Sports Bra and Welsh Rugby Union

MAAREE - The Official Sports Bra Provider of the Welsh Rugby Union

We at MAAREE are so thrilled to announce our new partnership with the Welsh Rugby Union to become their official sports bra provider. However, this partnership goes much deeper than it will first s...

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