Do you know the different types of sports bras?

Do you know your encapsulation bras from your compression bras?

Do you know which you have in your wardrobe and why you prefer it?

Do you want a better sports bra but not sure what you're looking for?

Let us help shed some light on the three main types of sports bras most commonly available on the market.

Compression Sports Bras 

Compression Sports Bra

Commonly sized S, M, L etc.

The most common type of sports bra you'll see around. They are very elasticated and you pull them on over your head and then over your breasts. Both of your breasts share one cavity under a taught material and they work by pushing the breasts back against your chest. This is the most popular bra for cost and aesthetics, with no hard trims included and creating a pleasing silhouette. This design of bra is best for low to medium impact sports.

Encapsulation Sports Bras

Encapsulation Sports Bra

Commonly sized 34D etc.

This type of sizing is designed to give you a better fit as you get to select your underband and cup size separately. This type of bra is more popular with women who have the larger sized breasts and/or looking for that extra level of support. They provide a higher level of support as they have divided the main material into two moulded cavities to support the breasts individually. You wear it as you do a traditional bra and it also provides a pleasing silhouette for the wearer by avoiding the uni-boob look. This design is normally better for medium to high impact sports.

Compression/Encapsulation Hybrid Sports Bras

Compression-Encapsulation Sports Bra

Commonly sized 34D etc.

These bras are becoming more and more common recently and incorporate methods from both of the above sports bra types. With the comfort of the compression bra and the support of the encapsulation bras they are quickly growing in popularity. There is one body of material but they have a slightly moulded shape to them for a better fit. This type of bra is best for medium to high impact sports.


MAAREE's mission it to inform and empower you to choose the right sports bra support and design for you. MAAREE's founder, Mari, has a background in sports bra testing and grew tired of the current sports bra offering on the market. Wanting superior support, she has taken it upon herself to design her own and start MAAREE. She has two types of sports bras in her first collection; hybrid and compression bras. But what really makes MAAREE's sports bras unique is our Overband® Technology.

MAAREE Overband Technology

Mari has designed and incorporated Overband® Technology into her sports bra to provide superior performance and support in a revolutionary new way. Read more here.

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