[Re:Rack] Skipping with Sarah Leggings

$32.00 USD $64.00 USD

Re:Rack is our way to ensure every item we make goes to a great home. When our products are returned, repaired, used in photoshoots or from production samples, we collate these ready for a rare Re:Rack. It's an opportunity to buy these like-new items at a significant discount.

They're good as new, you would never tell the difference.

The first pair of leggings designed specifically for jump rope, so you can enjoy jumping without feeling like you need to constantly pull your leggings up! Mari and Sarah-Louise have created a limited-edition collection of leggings to support women of all shapes and sizes to confidently jump rope.

Sarah became increasingly frustrated to find the majority of leggings were designed for women “with no belly jiggle...and if you have belly jiggle, you need a pair of leggings  that are sturdy enough to stay where you need them.”

The result is a collection of high-waisted legwear that addresses fit, feel and function, designed and tested to stay up, stay snug and feel super-comfortable, banishing any slipping down and pulling up concerns amongst women.