Unlimited online bra fittings

Did you know that we hold FREE 15-minute virtual bra fittings over Zoom to help you get your ideal MAAREE Sports Bra size? You can come back for a check-up as many times as you'd like too. The next day, week of even 6-months time! We're here to assist you the whole time.

We can either take you through a full fitting, or check a size you've already bought in the post. All you need is yourself, your bra and a tape measure!



Empower Bra Blank


Founder of MAAREE and designer of the Solidarity and Empower sports bras with Overband®.

Empower Bra Blank


Used to run her own high-impact sports bra retail business and and is very experienced in the industry!

Empower Bra Blank


Designed and fitted bras for many top sports brands. Recently she renovated her own campervan!

There are a finite number of slots available each week and you can book up to two weeks in advance. Bank Holidays or other conflicts will be reflected in the live calendar.

We've conducted over 1,000 online fittings since we first started and our accuracy level is pretty darn good! If you'd like to read some reviews of what to expect from others who've gone before you here.


don't see a suitable time?

Why not measure yourself at home using our helpful Sizing Guidelines or read through our Solidarity Bra Fitting FAQs.