Your Guide to Understanding High-Impact Sports Bras

When it comes to working out and physical activities, having the right gear is essential for performance, safety and comfort. One of the most important pieces of gear for women is a sports bra. However, not all sports bras are created equal. Understanding the different types of sports bras and their intended use is crucial. In this blog post, we will discuss what high-impact sports bras are, the different types of high-impact sports bras available and how they differ from low-impact sports bras.

What is a 'High-Impact Sports Bra'?

A high-impact sports bra is a type of sports bra that is specifically designed to provide maximum support and control during high-impact activities such as running, jumping, and other high-intensity exercises. High-impact sports bras are especially important for women with larger busts as they provide additional support and control to keep your breasts in place during intense physical activity.

The Differences Between High-Impact and Low-Impact Sports Bras

The main difference between high-impact and low-impact sports bras is the level of support they provide. Low-impact sports bras are designed for activities with less movement such as yoga or weightlifting. They typically have less structure, less padding and are made from stretchier materials. On the other hand, high-impact sports bras have more structure, more padding and are made from firmer materials to provide more support.

There is a middle impact level too, called medium-impact sports bras. These will typically provide more support than the low-impact sports bras, but less that the high-impact designs.

How to Spot a High-Impact Sports Bra

The visual or compositional differences that made a high-impact sports bra can vary greatly from brand to brand, and can be difficult to spot. There is no set criteria for sports bras to hit to deem a sports bra high-impact, so it's important that you use their labels as a guideline and to determine this yourself as a savvy shopper. However, some common signs to keep an eye out for to spot a high-impact sports bra out in the wild is that they will normally have a higher coverage, are made from more robust fabrics and have plenty of adjustability.

Nonetheless, high-impact sports bras can some in different styles. So if you feel like you're not having much luck with one brand or style of sports bra, try some others. We've categorised some of them for you below.

MAAREE Green Solidarity Sports Bra

Types of High-Impact Sports Bras

There are several types of high-impact sports bras available.

  1. Underwire sports bras: These styles have an underwire that provides additional support, shape and lift from the underneath the cup area. They are usually recommended for women with larger busts. Take a look at our Battle Bra for an example.
  2. Moulded sports bras: These styles have cups that are pre-shaped and can often come padded, which provide additional support and shape. Check out our Battle Bra for an example.
  3. Compression sports bras: These styles are designed to compress the breasts and provide support through compression. They are typically preferred for women with smaller busts. Our Empower Sports Bra is a great example of this.
  4. Encapsulation sports bras: have a separate cup for each breast, providing more support and shape. They are typically preferred by women with larger busts. View our Battle Bra for this example.
  5. Hybrid sports bra: These styles are often deemed the créme de la créme of the sports bra world. Combining both aspects from a compressions sports bra and a encapsulation sports bra for a half-way version of both for the ultimate support. Check out our award-winning Solidarity Sports Bra for an example of this.


High-impact sports bras are essential for women who participate in high-intensity physical activities. They provide additional support and control to keep your breasts in place during intense physical activity. Understanding the different types of high-impact sports bras and their intended use is crucial for finding the perfect fit for your body and your needs. It's always best to try on different types of bras and choose the one that feels most comfortable and supportive for you.

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