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What is Your Battle Size?

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Our Journey

Athlete to engineer to entrepreneur

MAAREE Founder, Mari, a lifelong sports enthusiast, transitioned from national-level competition to an engineering career. Her focus shifted to sports bra performance testing, revealing a lack of ideal support. This led her to create MAAREE, a brand embodying women supporting women, addressing the gap in sports bra solutions for empowered, active lives.

Stay Abreast

The Boobie Blog

Middle aged lady running outside and experiencing breast pain

Do this 1 Thing to Solve Your Chafing Issues, For Good!

Many people think it's down the fabric, style of bra or the brand. It's none of these things.

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Woman running in the dark in a town in the middle of the road

Navigating the Night: Empowering Women to Run Safely After Dark

How to feel empowered with practical tips and the latest insights for women running safely in the dark.

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Gril flexing her bicep while smiling and wearing a cornflower blue Maaree Solidarity sports bra

Equal Pay Day 2023: Our Continued Battle for Equality

On Equal Pay Day, explore MAAREE's commitment to gender equality, the progress made, and our ongoing Battle Bra initiative in partnership with The Fawcett Society.

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