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The MAAREE Guarantee

We understand how important it is to invest in your breast health and support. This is why we now offer a 12-month guarantee on all of our sports bras.

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Battle, Empower or Solidarity

Battle Encapsulation Sports BraBattle Encapsulation Sports Bra

Battle Encapsulation Sports Bra

$70.00 USD $99.00 USD
Solidarity High-Impact Sports BraSolidarity High-Impact Sports Bra

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Athlete to engineer to entrepreneur

My MAAREE Journey

All my life I have been testing sports products. Competing at national level in my youth, sport was a big part of my childhood. Through school, I focused on an engineering path, mixing this with my passion for sport at University.

My career turned to sports bra performance testing under lab conditions. It was here I found my ultimate support did not exist, so I decided come up with a solution for me. This turned into creating MAAREE, a brand where Women Support Women.

What goes up must come down

Creating the Overband

During my sports bra testing days, we we're really focused on downwards motion. Our boobs move in a figure eight motion, and brands would always try to reduce the largest movement, which was downward.

However, I always believed upwards motion was overlooked. I visited a local charity shop to buy belts that I attached to my existing bras over the top of my chest. The results were outstanding. From here, the Overband was born.

Support starts with Fabric

Engineering support

A supportive sports bra is much more a technical piece of sporting equipment than a fashion piece. 

Using our engineering and testing backgrounds, we have been able to structure a combination of fabrics. Providing stability and power for support as well as stretch and breathability for comfort.

Why doesn't my sports bra support me?

Free virtual fittings

80% of women are wearing the wrong size sports bra. This stat makes me cringe. 

We started virtual fittings due to the inability to travel during the pandemic, but it turned into a valued service that gets women their right support at their convenience. We now offer fittings four days a week in two timezones for free. 


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